Paul J. Baccash

3D Generalist, Technical Director & VFX Compositor

Email:paul@pjbproductions.com 3dd BaccashReel: http://www.pjbproductions.com/reel.htmlc

Resume: http://www.pjbproductions.com/resume.htmlcccash

Broadcast Episodic Work

Paul has worked as Lead 3d animator for Worlds Away Productions on a number TV shows including these:

Megacities PortMegacities MRT

----------------- SNL 2 hour Special NBC--------------------------------Megacities (Nat Geo Network) ----------------------- Crime 360 (Discovery Channel) -------

Commercial Work

Paul has worked as Lead 3d Animator on a number of commercials including these:


--------- Lexus Hybrid spot ---------------AT&T commercial ----------------- Chips Ahoy commercial ------------------ Nick News -------


Game Work 

Paul has worked as a 3d Animator on the Konami video game CONTRA: Rogue Corps (2019).

Paul created the cinematic between level animations.  Click the image to see the official trailer!    

Paul created all 3d interstitial animations for the FOX & CW networks Saturday morning 7am to 12 noon animation blocks including these:

----4kids TV Net ID spot ----------------- TMNT Main title animation----------Foxbox Net ID spot------------

----CW Holiday spot------- Ultraman featurette used to transition into cartoon--- -CW Holiday spot----

Viva Pinata promo bumper --- Turtles Profile featurette used to transition into cartoon--- Huntik card commercial

All animations were done in 3ds max and or Maya. The renders were in layers and passes and brought into Combustion. This gave more control to shadows and reflections. In addition it allowed compositing effects (glows, shine, blurs, color correction, etc..) to be applied to isolated geometry without affecting the entire composite. This results in greater visual depth between foreground and background. It also means that if the client wants changes, more times than not those changes can be implemented in Combustion or After Effects rather than having to re-render in 3dsmax which almost always takes longer to render.

Paul also works on multiple shows creating 3d elements for 2d environments. Shows include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Yugioh.


Paul also worked as Technical Director for Viva Pinata. A show based on the Microsft xbox 360 game.


Editorial Credits

Render of Blade Runner Blimp. Modeled in Maya for the "3D Graphics and Animation" Book (New Riders release) Paul is the Technical Editor of the book as well as the Author of all the Maya tutorials.

Paul is also the Technical Editor For the highly acclaimed New Riders release:"Inside 3ds max4" (Author Kim Lee http\\www.kimleeonline.com)



Renders of scene modeled, in 3ds max, for Y.E.S. (Yankees Entertainment Sports) Network that is being used for "up next" and station ID bumpers.

Renders of Armorbots "Hasbro" Toy for Overseas commercial. The client sent the toy. After shooting orthographic front and profile pictures, they were used as reference to model the toy using 3ds max.


Other Credits:

Paul is Senior 3d Animator and Compositor for Net IDs, Bumpers, Sweepstakes and all promotions airing on Saturday Mornings on FOX from 2002 to 2008 and CW from 2008 to date.

Shows include:

3d, 3d,

Paul is also the Graphics Director for the Prime time special "What's Inside The FoxBox" featuring the stars of the Spy Kids Films. Here, the actors were filmed entirely on green screen. Then 3d environments and interactive elements were added. (Clips coming soon)

Image of "Yu-Gi-Oh"AND "POKEMON. Additional 4Kids Productions properties airing on the WB network. Of Japanese origin, these series require a variety of composite work: Roto, Keying, Paint, Tracking, Lip Flap, etc to match voice over to character lip movement, remove all ethnic symbols (kanji), replace show props (with English or universal versions), and paint out inappropriate footage for US Broadcast Standards and Practices approval.

These images are links to movie trailers and title sequence for each respective show. Please be patient in downloading as they are 8 to 11 meg files.

All compositing done in Combustion and Aftereffects.